Thursday, December 11, 2008

Here's your answers.

Hey all you awesome artists! I've had several questions come my way so I guess I should clear a few things up. Here goes:

1). Each month's challenge should be posted by the end of that month, but technically if you begin one of the challenge topics during it's challenge month I guess you can post it whenever your finished. You'll just look like a lazy pants.

2). Title each post with the challenge name or something that references the challenge somehow. Also, when posting type in the challenge name in the Labels bar at the bottom right of the post window. Note that I've added a quick views label tab on the gadgets area. (obviously this will be more useful as we get more challenges.)

3). Try not to exceed 400 pixels wide for your image as anything larger than that will seriously eff up the blog layout. Don't ask me why, that's how the programmer made it.

4). Have fun!! You guys rock!

-adam H

UPDATE: Chris Hajny is going to try to adjust the script so we can post at least 500 pixels wide. Yay Chris!


The KFS said...

Are we (supposed to/required to/allowed to) post images of our progress? Just curious.

adam H. said...

That's totally up to you.