Thursday, April 30, 2009


So I will openly admit that I didn't even have my idea until two nights ago when I was driving home. That's where I get most of my best ideas. Then I come inside my apartment and eat a bunch of corn chips and forget everything. When I finally sat down to start sketching this bad boy out it just kept growing and growing. I'm hoping to have it done by sometime next April...:(

Anyway, here's a sneak at the sketch so far...

April Entry Forthcoming

I'm going to be late for this month, with the Robots.
Until then, here is a Robo-frowny face:


Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Retro is the new Useless.

To be honest, this one almost didn't get made. At all. I found the topic really tough for me to get into. It took a long time to find an angle to excite me, but once I did, I dove in. Which is kind of the fun of this whole "challenge" thing.


Sunday, April 5, 2009


Have you noticed how all of my posts happen the month after? This is why. I was going to draw myself playing Xbox with my toes, but that would be showcasing talent, not sloth. Shown is the weekend version of me. If I didn't have to go anywhere, I won't get dressed for anything. Showers? Only in my own drool of laziness. (I don't know why I look like a would-be Niko Bellic's cousin, seeing as I'm Mexican. It looks like I'm waiting for him to call me so I can pick him and his sleazy date up from the bowling alley.)

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

A junk robot or robot junk?!

This is half for Adam and his birthday. This is half for Lindsay. This is also half for everyone else. It's got an inexhaustible number of halves.

copyright 2009 jesse riggle

This is a robot for the following reasons:
  • Lots of right angles
  • Tubes for limbs
  • No nose
  • Wiener
This is retro for the following reasons:
  • Yellowed like grandpa's teeth
  • No pants like all those damn dirty hippies
  • Arms raised to avoid getting attacked by the riot police
  • Badly drawn
This is applicable for a birthday for the following reasons:
  • Wiener
Later dudes.


April's Super Awesome Art Challenge is...

So it's my birthday in April and what do I like? Old School and Robots. So, I demand everyone makes me something related to those two awesome things!

Robots = Kicking it.

-adam H

Inner Sinner Challenge Complete...

Seems like this one was a little tougher, but you all did an incredible job as usual and took this in way more directions than I thought. I guess I should just expect as much right?

Awesome job everyone and I hope you find April's challenge a little less "personal".

-adam H