Wednesday, April 1, 2009

A junk robot or robot junk?!

This is half for Adam and his birthday. This is half for Lindsay. This is also half for everyone else. It's got an inexhaustible number of halves.

copyright 2009 jesse riggle

This is a robot for the following reasons:
  • Lots of right angles
  • Tubes for limbs
  • No nose
  • Wiener
This is retro for the following reasons:
  • Yellowed like grandpa's teeth
  • No pants like all those damn dirty hippies
  • Arms raised to avoid getting attacked by the riot police
  • Badly drawn
This is applicable for a birthday for the following reasons:
  • Wiener
Later dudes.



Chris H. said...

Hooray! Record time, and weens to boot!

The KFS said...

It's also retro because back in the day they didn't have like as much robo-dickandballs technology so what they would do is they would just attach a human-looking dickandballs onto the robot. Whereas these days a robot sports a fully functional robo-dickandballs which is more like a long iPod with all like touch controls and so forth.

Nice job.

Sara J. said...

Ha ha ha!! Well played, sir.

adam H. said...

Nice and weenury. They just don't make'em like they used too. You win the "Most Likely What the Original Robocop Design Looked Like" award.