Saturday, February 27, 2010

Boxing Bunny

Kids these days don't know squat about boxing! Or bunnies for that matter!

Back in my day we didn't have these little lop-eared sissies prancing around, throwing limp-wrist punches! No sir, boxing bunnies were tough as all get out! They ate rusty nails for breakfast then pooped out solid gold by noon! And they liked it. A lot.

The toughest of them all was good ol' Punchy McPunch. Now there was a boxing bunny...

box bunny
Punchy McPunch; real American hero.

EDIT: I added boots. What was I thinking? He might have been tough, but not tough enough to box without those little lace-up booty things...

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Fat Bird: The Game!!

This is inspired by Foie gras.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Cashier: And to drink? Bird: Diet coke please.

At least he's trying. You gotta give him credit for that.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

February's Super Awesome Art Challenge is...

It was requested by many that I avoid a seasonal themed challenge for this month. Fair enough, but I still wanted something cute and what's cuter than bunnies?! Maybe a bunny dressed up as a bride getting married to a kitty dressed up as a groom. Nothing else though.

The challenge is set. GAME ON...BUNNY STYLE!!

*New Feature! New Feature* SAAC artist news for this month:
- Everyone check out Jesse's new ambitious, awesome blog
- Also congrats to Chris S. who recently got a new interactive design art job, with bi-weekly paycheck. Good luck with that Chris! Also congrats to Chris for being the only one of us to hit above lvl 70 in World of Warcraft.
- I just received my second design patent with a third on the way. Woot!
- Chris H. recently had a piece of work selected for the top ten of the week on Check it out here.

If I missed anybody let me know and I'll get you up for next month. Keep it up you awesome dudes and dudettes!!!

LDK: The Legend Continues

Eventualy the Little Dancin’ King began to grow older. As he grew his power became great. His dance became legendary and people lived happy, joyful lives knowing of the little master of movement.

Then one day the Little Dance King simply disappeared.

Some say he was captured by a race of jealous alien kitties from a planet with no sense of rhythm. Those who share those beliefs live happy, joyful lives knowing the King is bringing joy to others far across the universe with his wicked-sweet moves.

Others say he became sucked into a digital world full of war, violence and overly complex puzzle solving scenarios. Those who share those beliefs fear that the King has given up his gift for dance and the world will never share joy and happiness again.

Finally, few tell rumors of seeing the King, thrusting, sweating, blessing local dance clubs with his gift for grooving. Those who tell the rumors feel they have truly been blessed to bath in the majesty of the legendary Little Dance King.

Click here to biggie-size.

I have a version with lines on it on my blog but my original intent was to just use color so here it is.