Sunday, February 7, 2010

February's Super Awesome Art Challenge is...

It was requested by many that I avoid a seasonal themed challenge for this month. Fair enough, but I still wanted something cute and what's cuter than bunnies?! Maybe a bunny dressed up as a bride getting married to a kitty dressed up as a groom. Nothing else though.

The challenge is set. GAME ON...BUNNY STYLE!!

*New Feature! New Feature* SAAC artist news for this month:
- Everyone check out Jesse's new ambitious, awesome blog
- Also congrats to Chris S. who recently got a new interactive design art job, with bi-weekly paycheck. Good luck with that Chris! Also congrats to Chris for being the only one of us to hit above lvl 70 in World of Warcraft.
- I just received my second design patent with a third on the way. Woot!
- Chris H. recently had a piece of work selected for the top ten of the week on Check it out here.

If I missed anybody let me know and I'll get you up for next month. Keep it up you awesome dudes and dudettes!!!

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