Monday, August 31, 2009

Babies in Balloons.

Balloon baby? More like Balloon Baby Kitties! Right?

Am I right?

balloon baby V1.jpg

I just finished actually building all the pieces to this in Illustrator. Usually I'd take the time to tweak colors, fine tune and let things marinate a little bit once I got to this point but I'm out of time.

Not just because tomorrow is the 1st, but with the wedding and work and all the jazz coming up in the next few weeks/month, I didn't honestly think I'd get the chance to return to it anytime soon.

So here it is. I fully reserve the right to overhaul the color/composition at anytime.


Lindsay said...

Look at all my smitties!!!!!

adam H. said...

Lindsay's not allowed to comment anymore until she makes some art... Anyway, that's one happy kitty balloon party. The reality though is that the fun won't last. Jeff will stab his balloon with his sword, Olivia will spaz out and pop hers, Andy will accidentially plug his headphones into the side of the balloon and pop it and Miles will get jealous that everyone else popped their balloons and pop her own. Poor Jade however will continue to float on not caring what happens to her. So sad. You win the "Balloon Kitty Pipe Dream" award. Awesome stuff!

Jesse said...

So that's what all those cats were for. Wacky!

Francesca said...

aw. I want Lindsay to comment :( .
They're all so cute! I love tiny Jade! Also Miles and her's like ferocious curiosity mixed with a pinch of condescending.

Lindsay said...

whatever. adam is not allowed to comment either because he doesn't make any art.

adam H. said...

No, I just don't finish any art. Besides I got this month's done I just need to print it out...and build'll see!

Jesse said...

I think if you don't post anything you should comment more!! And if you post stuff you should also comment more. Everyone should comment all the time. I love comments.

Chris H. said...

Adam and Lindsay, hug and make up!

Jesse, stop commenting so damn much!

Francesca, stop being so young and so fresh! And so clean.

adam H. said...

Fine. Hey Lindsay.../hug

(only nerds will get that...)