Tuesday, October 27, 2009

OK, my real entry.

This guy's boo-boo: Having his face scraped off. But he seems OK with it, so it's all good. No worries.
Copyright © 2009 Jesse Riggle

**Boring back story: I started this forever ago. It was a test on clayboard. I discovered clayboard is not for me, at all. I might hate it. So I started this and said to myself, 'Clayboard is dumb. Eff this.' So it sat for months. Until tonight. I decided I wanted to finish it. It occurred to me it was fitting for Halloween, this challenge, and me sticking it to those jerks* in the clayboard industry.


*They're probably not really jerks. I am sure there are lots of nice friendly people who work in the clayboard industry.


Lindsay said...

i love clayboard! I love melting faces men, too!

adam H. said...

Jesse, you should totally redo some old Garbage Pail Kids!! I bet they would be hilarious and amazing! I'd buy that for a dollar!