Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Reginald B. Uttonface

Hey! Feels good to be back!

Portrait of Reginald B. Utton the Third.

Reginald is a bit of a wiener. At school the other kids constantly poke fun. Although he actually likes the attention most of the time, one taunt that stings more than any other is the dreaded Reginald B. Uttonface.

Why are kids so cruel?


Francesca said...

Aw. Poor guy. His unpopularity makes me like his unwanted, unliked self even more.
I was really impressed by the linework in the sketch, but the linework in this finished piece blows the sketch out of the water.

Jesse said...


Lindsay said...

Kids are mean! He is cute. I would not kiss him, but I would definitely shake this guy's hand.
Then I would wash my hand.
It seems he might be as sweaty as Adam.

adam H. said...

Man...that's what I feel like everyday I go to work.

Nessuno said...

wonderful, I feel my head so recently