Sunday, March 27, 2011

Hairy Situation

Alright, I know this is pretty late. But we've had stupid crazy deadlines since December, and I've also had to get art ready for a couple shows, so unfortunately this had to wait.

Everyone who knows us knows we have too many pets for our own good. And getting any sleep when you have a pile of meowing, purring, pawing, yawning, stretching, burping, barfing, tooting animals is not easy. In fact, it's quite a 'hairy situation'! Eh? Eh?

(check out a larger version here.

I'm not 100% pleased with how it turned out, but I have to move on. I swear I will get caught up on my SAAC pieces ASAP. I do hope to revisit this, and if that happens I will post it again.

I do love the drawing itself, which Lindsay gets some credit for. I drew it, she inked it. Check out the original black and white drawing!


Jesse said...

I like it. Am I allowed to say I like things? I'd like to be able to like things and say I like things I like.

Also, I'd like to get caught up too. Though that seems unlikely at this point in time, but like, in a week or so I might have some more time. I like the sound of that. I like the lichen too.

adam H. said...

Man...I would drop kick the crap out of all those animals. Sleep is a precious, precious thing. Most importantly I would throw Oliver in the trash. You win the "Most Patience in the Universe" Award. Also, great artwork. I have a feeling Lindsay secretly inked you happier than you probably are.