Thursday, June 30, 2011


So they can't all be good. This was a piece I was working on for the challenge of Goo. I had a lot of ideas for this. It was a fan art piece focused around the "gel" that was introduced in Portal 2. original thoughts became completely lost along the way and it started turning into something that I just didn't feel like ever finishing. I have another idea for Goo instead but I'm working on finishing up Trucker Mouth first.
Here is a shot of the work in progress.
Here is a close up shot. I really liked my drawings of Glados and Weebly. Also I was getting all into hiding little elements of the game in there like the companion cubes in the tunnel in the lower right frame.


Francesca said...

Glados! I love her!!

Sweet Portal fanart!

Chris H. said...

Aw what there's GOO in the game?!!? Agh SPOILARZ thanks a ton know I know too much to enjoy the game!