Thursday, December 3, 2009

Special Treat: Mixed Veggies

Chris Crammer and myself made this beautiful work via the magic of the internet. It tells a stirring tale of giving, sharring, wanting, and a proper diet all wrapped into a package of good fashion sense and in-style hair. Enjoy, please:

"Mixed Veggies"
(if you click it you can go so a slightly larger version on the flickr)

<3 Jesse and <3 Chris (probably)


adam H. said...

Uh...that's quite a collaboration... This is a treat indeed! I love all awesome art posts and this one even came without a challenge issued. Good job Team Crigmler!

Chris said...

As one half of Crigmler I thank you.

Jesse said...

The other half of a Crigmler also thanks you.

Lindsay said...

this is probably my favorite post this whole year. hip hip!