Thursday, January 28, 2010

Mr. Orville Washington

He is a wren.


Chris H. said...

He's smarter than us all.

Chris said...

Only the smartest of creatures wear monocles. Nice drawing!

Lindsay said...

so smart! so cute!

adam H. said...

Fantastic! Fat and smart! Just like professor Klump from Eddie Murphy's hilarious remake of the Nutty Professor. Oh Eddie Murphy, so good. You win the "Nuttiest Professor Bird" award presented via posted comment by none other than Eddie Murphy himself.

"Congrats! I'm Eddie Murphy."

Wow, that was great. Good job Francesca!

Mista D said...

Yeah, what is it with monocles? Without it, it'd just be a bird in a coat. Now it's a distinguished gentlemen, just smaller.

He looks more like a Mr. J.J. Piperbottom - famous author and world traveler.