Sunday, January 31, 2010

where's the beach?


here's my one post of the year. happy 2010!


Francesca said...

Hahaha! Biggest fat bird ever! And tiniest cone!

Jesse said...

I approve one hundred and ten percent.

Chris H. said...

Hey! You said you weren't drawing me that time I was eating ice cream on the beach in my shorts and cute top!

Lindsay said...

jesse - i thought you might approve!

adam H. said...

YAY! Lindsay posted!! And what a post it is...and painted none-the-less. Very nicely done. You win the "Jesse's Deepest, Darkest Secret Fantasy" award. Nice!

Mista D said...

I like big butts. And I cannot lie.

Adam, Chris, Jesse - you other brothers can't deny.

Oh wait, that's not an itty bitty waist.

Nicely done!