Tuesday, April 13, 2010

April's Super Awesome Art Challenge is...

For all of us in Minneapolis, the sun is finally out and there's grass again. Super fun rainbow times are alight in our hearts!! Now express those feelings with your pens and papers...but make sure it's rainbowy.

The challenge is set. Carebear STARE!!!!

(p.s. Sorry for the late challenges as of late. I'll get back on board here so we can all have a full month to procrastinate instead of two and a half weeks.)

SAAC Updates:
Lets see, I didn't hear too much this month so I'll make some junk up.
- Chris and Lindsay are getting their kitchen redone for some DIY network show which will air in the fall. Fun times. (that one is real)
- Sara had to get dentures because her teeth rotted out after consuming forty cartons of bubble gum.
- Chris Crammer punched a nun.
- Jesse drew some droopy nipples.