Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Alright, it's CMYKupid CMYKitten time!

Well, truth be told, these kittens have been visited by Cupid, leaving them with sinful desires, which equals cute baby kittens!

that would be inhumane if it weren't so gosh darn cute!

I know it may be simple, but be sure to check out the bigger version on flickr. You can see a couple details that fall out a little bit at this size.

And for those curious, I've already posted the pencil sketch elsewhere...


The KFS said...

Ha ha baby kitten is shot with arrow as well! Also funny is they was all head shot rather than the more traditional Through the Heart method. Points!

Points for most excellent timeliness as well chief.

adam H. said...

I admit it feels kind of a cop-out. Everyone knows "Kittens = instant lovey cuteness". I agree with the KFS though, nice touch with the arrows in the head. That's probably where my CMYKupid would hit them. You win the "Most Cutest Arrow Injury" award. Nice job Chris.