Saturday, February 28, 2009


So I did a real quick drawing of a cupid and then separated the colors so as to comply with this month's rules.

It's probably not really the intent of the challenge, but it does satisfy the rules, and I got it in before March 1st too. WHAT.


lindsayjunenohl said...

ha! nice!

adam H. said...

Hilarious!! Well done! But I do have to admit, if I saw a bug-eyed, no-nosed naked baby flying towards me with a gun I probably wouldn't wait around to see what happened next. You win the "Most Reason For adam H To Fear Love" award. Nice job man.

Mista D said...

This is how the Agents of Love get down in Southcentral LA. Bust a cap o' infatuation in dat azz! Fo sho!