Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Yummy, yummy, I gotz yeti in my tummy

So my idea isn't "original." I was inspired by the brilliant posting by KFS. "THE" KFS.


The KFS said...

Sweet. "Now Less Fur" is funny-- We don't know how much fur was in there originally, or how much is 'less'. But we do know that the Yetis must be processed live and are not boned or skinned beforehand. So it must be through remarkable technological advances that even small amounts of fur can be extracted prior to canning. What a wonderful modern age we live in!

Lindsay said...

i like this a lot!

Mista D said...

Speaking of remarkable technological advances, the packaging doesn't state it, but the nets used to capture the yetis are unicorn safe. Finally, after years of picketing and the heads of Yetco have heeded my concerns (and threats). Thanks for the feedback!