Sunday, March 1, 2009


cupid is a baby with it's butt showing. and since i wasn't feeling the butt-babies this month, this entry is a collaboratively morphed, but lovingly handled, symbol of mine and chris (hajny)'s affection.

Linework and Silhouettes.jpg

true love.... true zombie love - that is what symbolizes my love for chris h. and vice versa (i'm sure).

we're in the process of making some wedding plans and thought this was a fitting way to unite our stuff .... (it started out as our save the date and snowballed into something else!)

i drew the faces and inked them and chris added the zombie hair.texture.faces.linework combination!



adam H. said...

How very sweet in sort of a weird gross zombie tooth sort of way. You win the "Makes adam H Cringe When Thinking About Teeth Hitting Each Other" award. Awesome stuff Chris and Lindsay!

Mista D said...

Suhweeeet! I love The subtle textures! It's nice to see zombies in love even after the whole "til death do us part." Sniff, sniff.