Friday, March 27, 2009

Sins are dumb.

I think it might be a sin to sit around and paint on a Friday night. I should be getting my party on or something... Whatever.

Copyright © 2009 Jesse Riggle
Um, so this is my painting. Which I painted tonight, on a Friday. It doesn't apply to the topic at all really. Which I guess is me being a contrary butt-face. But last I checked being a contrary butt-face is not technically a sin, though maybe I should call the pope to confirm. But, as I always say, 'If the pope is infallible, then so am I." So I don't need to ask him, because I say its not a sin, so its not a sin. OK? Perfect. Speaking of which, I couldn't do this for reals even if I wanted too. I am perfect and without sin, and no that's not vanity, see the previous statement about my infallibility. Look it up. And I also don't think being self delusional is a sin either. Not that I am self delusional, but if I was I'd be in the clear anyway.

It's little, on paper, and it's paint.


1 comment:

Lindsay said...

i believe in you, jesse.
you are a saint!