Sunday, March 8, 2009

March's Super Awesome Art Challenge is...

So this month has really gotten away from me already. I originally had a different theme in mind but I thought I would throw you a bone and give you an easy one.

Time to go public! We've all got our flaws and we all battle with our own little personal demons. Whether it be lust, greed, malice or envy; this month's challenge is to illustrate your own personal worst inner demon. No need for background or any extra junk. This is merely a character study. So let the soul begin and next month I promise I'll be a little more on the ball. Maybe I need to draw my "slack-off" demon.

Good luck!

-adam H

1 comment:

Sara J. said...

done! (see below) I might be joking.

Okay, okay.. I'll make this one less offensive.