Saturday, June 27, 2009

TEN Floral Dilemmas!

Last month I struggled to come up with an idea, this month it just came to me instantly. I don't know much about flowers, but I know one thing; cats love to eat them.

Having a buttload of cats (more like TEN buttloads!) we constantly face the same dilemma over and over. Do we (read: Lindsay) buy pretty flowers? It would spruce up our house and hide the noxious fumes, but we also run the risk of the cats eating them, making a mess and puking them up?

It's a real "Floral Dilemma," to say the least.

floral dilemma.jpg
bad kitty! you are bad and ohmygoshyouaresocuteiwanttodie!

If this looks kind of familiar to those who know my work, it should.

I drew a sketch of a cat (specifically Oliva) eating flowers, and as I started recreating it digitally, I realized it was basically the same drawing with slight changes.

So I sped up the process by re-purposing the old artwork. Some (Adam) might call it lazy and cheating, but others (me) call it smart and crafty and awesome and I should probably be commended for being so efficient!

Luckily Adam can't be mad, because he's still laughing over that "TEN buttloads" joke that only he probably gets.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Hula Ghoula hates Deadlines...

Soooo.... I'm pretty late, but Hula Ghoula has arrived!

hula ghoula.jpg
better late than never.

I struggled a lot with this drawing. I redrew it again and again, which is strange for me. Then I tried a new color way that was more time consuming than it was worth.

Add in leaving town for a couple weekends, freelance projects, summer fun and work, and I got behind.

BUT! Notice the flowers?

Are those cute little blossoms going to remain good, like Mother Nature? Or will they be corrupted to be evil, like Hula Ghoula? Hmmm, I don't know. Sounds like a real Floral Dilemma, no?


Tuesday, June 16, 2009

I don't like flowers

But man, do I love flour. Delicious, powdery flour. This guy loves flour too. He loves it so much he lives in it. He loves it so much it is a true dilemma. The dilemma being that his very presence taints the flour and ruins its decadent purity. This guy, in fact, is a jerk. A stupid flour-stomping jerk.

Copyright © 2009 Jesse Riggle

Sunday, June 14, 2009

June's Super Awesome Art Challenge is...

This month's challenge logo (despite a few technical difficulties) is brought to us by Bryan. The theme is Floral Dilemma...think real hard about the logo and it will make sense. That Bryan is a clever guy. Anyway, bring on the flowers! Bring on the dilemma! It's go time!

Hula Ghoula Challenge complete...sort of...

So...uh...I guess this was a busy month for everyone. Well, feel free to upload art at any time. I got my fingers crossed there are some sweet pieces "in the works" floating around out there that will eventually appear.