Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Reginald B. Uttonface

Hey! Feels good to be back!

Portrait of Reginald B. Utton the Third.

Reginald is a bit of a wiener. At school the other kids constantly poke fun. Although he actually likes the attention most of the time, one taunt that stings more than any other is the dreaded Reginald B. Uttonface.

Why are kids so cruel?

Monday, December 6, 2010

December's Super Awesome Art Challenge is...


THAT'S RIGHT!! It's back. Thank you to all of those of you who kept posting and to all of those of you who didn't...get off your lazy bunz (with a "Z") and post away.

December's challenge is Buttonface...or Butt On Face...either way it should be fun. I can't wait to see all the awesome new art!

The challenge is set.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Remember me?!?! Boo Boo!!!

So when the challenge of "Boo Boo" came up I painted a Dunny for it...but I don't have a camera so I never posted. It came out really awesome though. Trust me! Anyway it made me want to do an illustration for it as well. So, this image has been done in my head for forever. I just finally decided to put mouse to monitor and get it done.
SAAC_Boo Boo

Also, I know I've totally dropped the ball on the monthly challenges. They will be back soon, I promise!! So get your pencils ready.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Some Big Teeth...

Maybe you know I have a side project, well not really 'side' since it's all I do (and I am still falling way behind), called some tiny teeth, where I paint, among other things, lots of people with tiny, ineffectual teeth. Now, by rights, I should just paint some more tiny teeth, since they are easy, but now, I decided to give you all something different, something special, something that involves me writing really long run-on sentences to introduce, something you have probably already figured out, before I even get to, that this is obviously, as you can see, and deduce from the title of this post, some big teeth, my teeth actually (though maybe the colors are pushed a bit, I hope my teeth aren't that yellow anyway), so there you have it, this stupid-ass sentence, and this painting.
copyright © 2010 Jesse Riggle
See, teeth, I went pretty far into pure concept for this one. I hope you can wrap your heads around it, my head is wrapped around those teeth, well, my head is wrapped around teeth for which this painting is but a simulacrum, but you know, sort of like having my head wrapped around it, them, or whatever.

It's acrylic. It's on clayboard. It's 8 inches square.

Later dudes.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

They call him 'Teeth'...

Flattop. Mumbles. Itchy. Etc... Dick Tracy gangsters with descriptions for names. I figured, maybe Teeth would be a good gangster name.

the scary part about Teeth is what you don't see of his teeth.

I guess maybe he's a zombie. Or Killer Croc's brother or something. He just ended up really green, but that's the way I pictured him. Maybe he's real and I'm psychic.

I like the way this one turned out, which is amazing, based on my terrible, stinky, garbage original sketch.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

July's Super Awesome Art Challenge is...

Time to brush up on your art skills! Boo-ya! This weeks topic is brought to us my Mista D himself. Well, technically he wanted it to be "Teef", but I decided to go with "Teeth" instead. "Teef" just sounds like a gross thing...and I'll leave it at that. The challenge is set!

Monday, July 12, 2010


This my laser. it is an exciting laser in a box. an empty box. Like a box should be. Not full of possibilities. Not full of the stuff dreams are made of. not full of memories or good intentions or marshmallow fluff. Full of nothing. Delicious, flavorless nothing. The perfect place for a laser to hang out, or do whatever it is lasers do in boxes full of nothing.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Revenge is best served with a laser.


This is a strange drawing. I wanted an excuse to try some new things. I limited myself to only using the standard, round brush in Photoshop with 100% hardness. I also limited myself to painting on one layer, instead of dozen's like I normally do. I also tried to avoid flat color and make sure there was a lot of smaller variations with slight temperature differences.

I was partially inspired by my Oil Painting class. I had a lot of fun in that class, and I've been looking for something new to excite me. This is beginning to be exiting, I think.

But I guess Monkey Suits and Lasers (or Lazers!) make everything more exciting.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

June's Super Awesome Art Challenge is...

Zippity, zappity, listen to me rap-ity. Zip some zippers, lasers are zappy, make some awesome art that will make me happy. Word.

Ze challenge iz zet!

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Daddy, where do rainbows come from?

From drunk clouds who vomit. Now shut up and git me a beer. Daddy wants to make rainbows.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Painbow Pun Slimes.

So, you thought I wasn't going to do a piece this month (ummm, April), eh? Eh?!? Wrong, buddy, dead wrong. You don't know jack sh*t about nothing.

Sorry for taking it so personally.

Despite the fact that I spent the entire month living like a hobo and making a freakin' kitchen for TV, I wanted to get something down for Rainbow Fun Times.

So I went all A Day In the Life and just thought of things in my life that I enjoy, and that are the colors of the rainbow, and drew them one by one.

some colors are a lot harder than others... i'm looking at you, indigo.

I'd like to go back and refine this a lot, it could be way cooler. But I probably shouldn't bother.

P.S. I pretty much ripped this idea off from Francesca. 100% all the way. Thanks Francesca!

P.P.S. Except for the expression "dollas!" That I stole from Chris Crammer.

Sunday, May 16, 2010


Ok, so I'm cheating a little. I just did this a couple weeks ago but it does kinda fit here. I will say I do love me some Pac-Man and when mortal kombat came out, I wanted to Fatality the heck out of everybody on the bus. The background shown is actually a level from MK2.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

April's Super Awesome Art Challenge is...

For all of us in Minneapolis, the sun is finally out and there's grass again. Super fun rainbow times are alight in our hearts!! Now express those feelings with your pens and papers...but make sure it's rainbowy.

The challenge is set. Carebear STARE!!!!

(p.s. Sorry for the late challenges as of late. I'll get back on board here so we can all have a full month to procrastinate instead of two and a half weeks.)

SAAC Updates:
Lets see, I didn't hear too much this month so I'll make some junk up.
- Chris and Lindsay are getting their kitchen redone for some DIY network show which will air in the fall. Fun times. (that one is real)
- Sara had to get dentures because her teeth rotted out after consuming forty cartons of bubble gum.
- Chris Crammer punched a nun.
- Jesse drew some droopy nipples.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010


So all four images in my piece below are from games that I really love but certain parts in the game made me hate them. A lot. Ten points to anyone who can guess all four!!

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

hate bit I guess...

Y'all know I play video games. What y'all might not know, is I mostly hated video games as a child. Sure I had an NES and all my friends did too, but I detested that gray plastic box. It was fucking dumb. Give me a box of legos or a field with a big pile of dirt and I was set. Now, there were a few games in my youth I did enjoy. There was a car game called Street Rod. It was the best, I always beat the dumb black corvette. Oh and I played Red Baron and decimated everyone in a virtual WWI. And there was links and tie fighter and solitaire and the monkeys throwing the banana game....

But really, I didn't get into games until college, sort of. And blah, blah, blah. Point being, no game spoke to me. SO I tried to paint solitaire and got bored. Then I tried to paint duck hunt and realized I didn't care. So I made this speed-painting of Manny Calavera and his buddy Glottis from one of the only games I played more than once: Grim Fandango!

Find it and play it if you never did, it's swell.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Pixel Boyfriends.

I play a lot of video games. And (luckily) Lindsay doesn't mind watching. In very rare cases, she enjoys watching more than I enjoy playing. Usually that happens when she falls in love with one of the game's characters.

I rounded up four of her all-time major crushes. These are four that, even to this day, she will still smile uncontrollably when you mention their names...

pixel boyfriends
the four boner brothers.

pixel boyfriend_otacon
Otacon, from the Metal Gear Solid series (specifically, Metal Gear Solid 4). He's a socially awkward otaku (duh), he falls for dog-loving terrorist snipers and he cries. A lot. Oh, and he's been known to soil his pants at the drop of a hat.

pixel boyfriend_garrus
Garrus Vakarian, from the Mass Effect series (specifically Mass Effect 2). Garrus didn't make too much of an impression in the first Mass Effect, but Lindsay knew straight away that Commander Baby Jiff Shepard would be choosing Garrus for some booty-knockin' action in Mass Effect 2. He might be a bad-ass with a sniper rifle, but he's pretty awkward when it comes to the (human) female form. Plus, he kind of looks like a cat made of rock.

pixel boyfriend_edgeworth
Edgeworth, of the Phoenix Wright series. Although he started off as the bad guy, Edgeworth's pompous attitude and brilliant mind attracted Lindsay right off the bat. Not to mention his penchant for purple and ruffles is pretty irresistible.

pixel boyfriend_remy
Remy, from Street Fighter 3: 3rd Strike. I don't think Lindsay or I really know much about this French brawler with abandonment issues. But he's got sweet style, sweet hair and a really big hands.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Don't hate! Chill, man!

I think Adam made this month's topic just for me! I originally made this piece for Capcom Unity earlier in the month. Each week they'd choose one of the Robot Masters from Mega Man 10 for fans to art-up. I did Chillman.

he's cold. blooded.

Mega Man 10 is new, but it's still 8 bit. I love Capcom and retro games. But I hate losing.

If you want the whole story, check out my blog.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

belated bunny box

Bunny Box
It was mostly done last month, honest. If these were real, they'd be made of marshmallows and red hots and powdered sugar.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

March's Super Awesome Art Challenge is...

For the most part all of us here on the S.A.A.C. have dabbled in the video game world. Now is you chance to pay tribute to those moments of love or pure hatred for characters or situations that made us so outragously furious that we kicked in a set of stereo speakers...i mean...it wasn't me...they fell over and broke. Heh, heh...O_O:

Challenge is set. GAME ON!

Monday, March 1, 2010

Bunny Box, eh...

Considering I live with a surly bunny who spends way more time crapping in a box than any animal has a right, I have to say, making a bunny box themed image was not what I would call a natural process for me. I probably should have gone with my gut instinct and made a bunny sitting on a mountain of poo in a box, but really, haven't I poo'd this place up enough? So I made two other things. Both are dumb. Enjoy!

copyright © 2010 Jesse Riggle
This one is bunnies in a box. Where they belong. And the box was labeled by a poor speller. Probably a bunny. Stupid bunnies.

copyright © 2010 Jesse Riggle
Here is a boxy looking bunny sitting in another box. Very post-modern, or something...

Eh, quantity over quality that's what I always say. That and indeed. I say that a lot too. And that too. And too too. as well. also. yes.

p.s. see how I used texture to mask my laziness? I'm not supposed to point that out.

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Boxing Bunny

Kids these days don't know squat about boxing! Or bunnies for that matter!

Back in my day we didn't have these little lop-eared sissies prancing around, throwing limp-wrist punches! No sir, boxing bunnies were tough as all get out! They ate rusty nails for breakfast then pooped out solid gold by noon! And they liked it. A lot.

The toughest of them all was good ol' Punchy McPunch. Now there was a boxing bunny...

box bunny
Punchy McPunch; real American hero.

EDIT: I added boots. What was I thinking? He might have been tough, but not tough enough to box without those little lace-up booty things...

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Fat Bird: The Game!!

This is inspired by Foie gras.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Cashier: And to drink? Bird: Diet coke please.

At least he's trying. You gotta give him credit for that.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

February's Super Awesome Art Challenge is...

It was requested by many that I avoid a seasonal themed challenge for this month. Fair enough, but I still wanted something cute and what's cuter than bunnies?! Maybe a bunny dressed up as a bride getting married to a kitty dressed up as a groom. Nothing else though.

The challenge is set. GAME ON...BUNNY STYLE!!

*New Feature! New Feature* SAAC artist news for this month:
- Everyone check out Jesse's new ambitious, awesome blog sometinyteeth.com.
- Also congrats to Chris S. who recently got a new interactive design art job, with bi-weekly paycheck. Good luck with that Chris! Also congrats to Chris for being the only one of us to hit above lvl 70 in World of Warcraft.
- I just received my second design patent with a third on the way. Woot!
- Chris H. recently had a piece of work selected for the top ten of the week on illustrativo.com. Check it out here.

If I missed anybody let me know and I'll get you up for next month. Keep it up you awesome dudes and dudettes!!!

LDK: The Legend Continues

Eventualy the Little Dancin’ King began to grow older. As he grew his power became great. His dance became legendary and people lived happy, joyful lives knowing of the little master of movement.

Then one day the Little Dance King simply disappeared.

Some say he was captured by a race of jealous alien kitties from a planet with no sense of rhythm. Those who share those beliefs live happy, joyful lives knowing the King is bringing joy to others far across the universe with his wicked-sweet moves.

Others say he became sucked into a digital world full of war, violence and overly complex puzzle solving scenarios. Those who share those beliefs fear that the King has given up his gift for dance and the world will never share joy and happiness again.

Finally, few tell rumors of seeing the King, thrusting, sweating, blessing local dance clubs with his gift for grooving. Those who tell the rumors feel they have truly been blessed to bath in the majesty of the legendary Little Dance King.

Click here to biggie-size.

I have a version with lines on it on my blog but my original intent was to just use color so here it is.

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Plus Size Bird.

Alright, so here is a fat bird in the most literal sense possible.

fat bird
just more of me to love.

where's the beach?


here's my one post of the year. happy 2010!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Mr. Orville Washington

He is a wren.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Yum fatty bird!

Fat birds are a tasty treat!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

January's Super Awesome Art Challenge is...

Sorry this is sooooo late but I think it's a cute easy one. This month's particular topic was inspired by each year I have to come up with a challenge that I can actually get lindsay to do and she loves her some Fat Birds.

The challenge is set. Tear it up freaks!