Sunday, August 8, 2010

Some Big Teeth...

Maybe you know I have a side project, well not really 'side' since it's all I do (and I am still falling way behind), called some tiny teeth, where I paint, among other things, lots of people with tiny, ineffectual teeth. Now, by rights, I should just paint some more tiny teeth, since they are easy, but now, I decided to give you all something different, something special, something that involves me writing really long run-on sentences to introduce, something you have probably already figured out, before I even get to, that this is obviously, as you can see, and deduce from the title of this post, some big teeth, my teeth actually (though maybe the colors are pushed a bit, I hope my teeth aren't that yellow anyway), so there you have it, this stupid-ass sentence, and this painting.
copyright © 2010 Jesse Riggle
See, teeth, I went pretty far into pure concept for this one. I hope you can wrap your heads around it, my head is wrapped around those teeth, well, my head is wrapped around teeth for which this painting is but a simulacrum, but you know, sort of like having my head wrapped around it, them, or whatever.

It's acrylic. It's on clayboard. It's 8 inches square.

Later dudes.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

They call him 'Teeth'...

Flattop. Mumbles. Itchy. Etc... Dick Tracy gangsters with descriptions for names. I figured, maybe Teeth would be a good gangster name.

the scary part about Teeth is what you don't see of his teeth.

I guess maybe he's a zombie. Or Killer Croc's brother or something. He just ended up really green, but that's the way I pictured him. Maybe he's real and I'm psychic.

I like the way this one turned out, which is amazing, based on my terrible, stinky, garbage original sketch.