Monday, August 31, 2009

The Prettier Balloon

Babies in Balloons.

Balloon baby? More like Balloon Baby Kitties! Right?

Am I right?

balloon baby V1.jpg

I just finished actually building all the pieces to this in Illustrator. Usually I'd take the time to tweak colors, fine tune and let things marinate a little bit once I got to this point but I'm out of time.

Not just because tomorrow is the 1st, but with the wedding and work and all the jazz coming up in the next few weeks/month, I didn't honestly think I'd get the chance to return to it anytime soon.

So here it is. I fully reserve the right to overhaul the color/composition at anytime.

We got a floater...

The other day I was standing on the subway platform when I reached for my book. I was momentarilly distracted by some people in shiny orange vests sitting over yonder, I took and gander and saw they were asunder. Upon further inspection it was evdient they were ridding the system of an asbestos infection. So I was not paying attention and my poor book slipped from my pearly paws and bounced tither and hither and landed amongst the tracks below:

Copyright © 2009 Jesse Riggle

And upon the realization all pronounced the day won.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Child formerly known as Balloon Baby


Poor baby. Has weird arms and no balloon.

Next time, with the full deadline, I will do a real illustration! But I had to take part this time, because I'm young and fresh and excited : D .